Dr Geoff

Dr Geoff Snell

Dr Geoff

Dr Geoff Snell, the show’s resident art historian is a specialist on eighteenth-century images of London and the River Thames. Every week on the show he chats about a recent exhibition that he’s attended as well as bringing us occasional long form interviews with people from the art world. For more Dr Geoff goodness take a look at his website here.

Alan Wallace

Alan Wallace was born in South East England in 1935, so he doesn’t get about very fast and still lives in South East London with Ann, his wife.

At school, he took part in the first post-war production at the school’s open-air Greek Theatre (Agamemnon). The experience of playing a handmaiden attendant on Clytemnestra encouraged him to go into entertainment. On leave during his National Service he went to a village fair and won a pig. Even this didn’t stop him getting a commission.

After writing many letters, he became an assistant stage manager at the Festival Theatre, Pitlochry, in 1956. Four years later, he returned to the same theatre in charge of the stage management team, which included Ann. They were married the following year.

He spent thirty years in ‘the business’, as stage manager, company manager, theatre manager and Equity Organiser for the West End. During that time he had care of the cast of Oliver! for three years and of the Kings Road Theatre, complete with the cast of The Rocky Horror Show in the early seventies. He’s an honorary life member of the Stage Management Association.

While he was House Manager for the Adelphi Theatre in London, a ghost was mistaken for him. It’s possible that one day he’ll tell you how that happened.
Writing began with a story for the Evening News but didn’t gain momentum until some time later. After a period in market research when he first got to know John Stanford, he began attending creative writing classes run by the University of the Third Age. He contributed stories to Deadline Thursday as well as to similar group booklets. He is still struggling to put together a collection of short stories, some of which you may have heard on Radio Crackle. Recording his stories for John’s weekly show has been a tremendous encouragement as well as great fun.

Alan is a qualified proof-reader, which proved an interesting side-line when he retired at the age of seventy.

Ann and Alan live in Forest Hill and have two sons, one in London and one in New York. They are active volunteers for the nearby Horniman Museum as well as for Shakespeare’s Globe.