Submit a Piece

Want to record something for the show?
It’s simple!
Here’s how to using your iphone/android phone. (All example images can be enlarged by clicking).

For iPhone we’ve had good results with the free app Voice Record Pro available here..

For Android we currently recommend the preinstalled Voice Recorder.

In both instances, just record using the standard settings and email me the file.

Choose a quiet non-echoey room where you live. (Bedrooms are often ideal as they are full of soft furnishings that soak up unwanted sounds.)
Open the app on your phone, ensure the settings are as listed above, then set it to record and put it down on something soft a foot or so from your mouth with the microphone facing you.
Get comfortable and read your piece.
While you read try to stay fairly still and not rustle about too much.
When you’ve finished leave a few seconds silence before retrieving the phone to switch off the recording.
Take a listen back to what you’ve made. Listen out for intrusive background noises or bits where the recording is too quiet. If you hear any problems rerecord.
Email the recording and its title to
When you submit, please let me have any web links you’d like mentioned so I can make sure your work is publicized on the website and on social media.
You’re done!
I’ll let you know when your piece is going to play so you can tell everyone you know to listen.